Riz et Lentilles

Our organic superior basmati rice comes from northern India. It is cultivated by a small organic farmers' cooperative and then aged for a year after harvest to fully develop its flavor. We have selected the best variety of basmati rice for you, it is distinguished by its length and its fragrance more pronounced than traditional basmati rice. We offer it white, semi-brown or brown in 500g, 5kg or 25kg.

Also from India, we offer our red yeast rice et coral lentils in 500 kg, 5kg or 25 kg.

Nos 5 mélanges sont élaborés artisanalement dans nos locaux de Baixas. Nous utilisons notre riz basmati supérieur pour un résultat encore meilleur: Indien,  Forestier, Aux herbes, Méditerranéen, Cachemire en 250g et 5kg.

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